Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mom's Inspection and Extra Help

Here's Mom's sitting room window as seen from the general kitchenette area. Since this was taken, most of the partitions have been put in. They're going to try to place trusses again on Monday. They tried earlier this week but the area once known as our front yard was too soft with all the rain we've been getting. The lift truck got stuck twice.
Yesterday I suggested to my DH Tom that when Mom visited later she may want to crawl through the house window with the kids and I so she could walk around the apartment with the partitions in. He thought I was nuts, that she would be too "frail" to do so. I mentioned this to her and that was all it took. She must have considered it a challenge, and promptly crawled through the window. It was fun getting a feel for the space. She had some silly fun with her grandchildren too, practicing living there.

Here's the view with her porch entry door on the left, sitting area in the middle, and a bedroom window on the right. The basement will be mostly unfinished except for a bedroom for Isaac, which replaces the bedroom that had to be removed for the addition.

Today, our contractor Tom brought some fine young men for extra help for cleanup and pounding nails.

I think we're in good hands.

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  1. Wow! So fun to see. I'm sort of sad I'm missing out on all the progress in person- by the time we get up there, so much of it will already be done! It's looking great!