Monday, November 15, 2010

Almost There... and Some Art and Stuff

Catching up here. Halloween was cold. Note Ellie's expression. She was a princess and Isaac was Spiderman. He told me yesterday that "Batman is silly but Spiderman is COOL!"

Ellie and I completed our first weaving project. It was a very enjoyable mother-daughter project and easy to make a very attractive piece of fabric. I was a bit surprised at how quickly Ellie took to it. Here she's doing a twill pattern. She's a natural.

Sissy paid us a visit and made scarecrows with the kids. We look forward to her visits.

Isaac has been working on his art a lot lately. This drawing shows our front porch railing leading into Mom's addition. The big red square on the right is the dumpster that's been parked in our front yard. Joey is the yellow dog (yellerdog) standing in front of it. Then, from the left, there is Ellie (in pink of course), Daddy (looks like he's shakin' his booty), Isaac (looking pretty muscular), and (me) Mom (shown while barking orders I guess!) What I found particularly intriguing about this drawing is the detail of the pattern in the dress I was wearing at the time.

Here's the apartment update. This is the view from the porch window living area. Her bed will be between the two windows, her bathroom is the open door and her closet is on the left.

Here's the view from the same location, pivoted leftwards. This is the kitchenette and hallway to the rest of the house. Her outside entry is on the left, across from the counter.

We're very glad that things were sealed up prior to this weekend's snow. There's not much left to do, mainly some finishing work in the basement, and the completion of painting, plumbing fixtures, and electrical fixtures.

Tom got us a deer for the freezer! Glad to have some venison chops. We sure missed them last year.