Friday, September 3, 2010

Progress Report and Aliens

We had quite a crowd here today. A few cement trucks, roofing materials delivery, Porta-Potty delivery, dumpster delivery, and this giant insect-like arm unfurled itself, stretched over our house and vomited cement into the prepared foundation wall forms. There was a guy standing on the ground controlling the thing with something that looked like a large joystick. (Gamers, there's a career option for you!) One false move and we could have lost a roof - not that I expected it. These guys really know what they're doing. 
Our yard is a mess. It was a rainy week, a cement truck got stuck, and it's pretty amazing how bad it looks right now. Oh well, no surprise there.

On the home front: Little Isaac's current obsession is the "Toy Story" movies. He has made it his goal to create any characters that are missing from his collection. These are the alien toys. He struggles to get the colors just right, and mixed homemade play-dough blue and red to try to get purple. He was dissatisfied with the result, but I think they are really cute!

1 comment:

  1. WOW!!! HOW cool!!

    And I love Isaac's aliens. I knew exactly what they were from as soon as I saw them. :)

    Love you all!