Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pony Rides and Mittens

Sunday was a beautiful day. Perfect for pony rides. Cupcake is such a sweet pony. He is very patient and gentle. My dad's chickens (who have moved to our place) looked on.

Both kids got their turn. Daddy enjoyed himself too. Grandma and I watched and chatted. These are the kinds of days our happy memories are made of.

It's been a beautiful November, but this is Minnesota. We're getting ready for winter. I've been knitting mittens lately with bits of leftover yarn. It's a good feeling, like making something out of nothing.


  1. What fun!! So many great memories. Love you all.

  2. Fun!!
    And, if you want more people to knit for, I'd be happy to have another pair of mittens. ;)
    Love you!

  3. oh...I want to learn to knit mittens! :)

  4. I am thinking it is very fun to live at your place!