Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stay Tuned

We have been working on a number of projects this summer. (Will my life ever slow down?) The most important project is an apartment for my mother. Mom is having an addition built on to the end of our house (site is shown above) which will be a bedroom, bath, sitting area (with kitchenette) and closet for my mom. We are very excited to get this done.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for tomorrow! It should take three months. We have actually been working on this since May. I never imagined it would take most of the summer to get to the point where we would be ready to start! Drawing the plan, getting the informal plans done into technical blueprints, bids from four different contractors, then making a selection and negotiating a contract. Whew!

I used Google's SketchUp for the initial design. It's a great program (and FREE!) and really helped us to work out how the space would look and what size we needed.

Here's our sketch, with our house on the left and Mom's apartment on the right. She'll have her own entrance and porch area. I'm planning on sharing as we go.


  1. How exciting! Lovely ideas too. Can't wait to follow your progress : )

  2. Looks great--you are much more organized than we were. Sam drew a sketch and we started digging. Mom's room turned out great--we didn't put in a kitchenette though. She has been at her house for the past month as my siblings have been home. After labor day though, it's back in our routine and the countdown to our son's wedding here on Oct 2. Still many projects on the whiteboard...

  3. I love that you told about Google SketchUp. How fun!!