Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Timberbeast Thorpe

I finished a hat for Tom. He wanted something warm for tromping through the woods and picked out this pattern: Kirsten Kapur's "Thorpe". Her blog is "Through the Loops".

This was a fun hat to knit, very easy, and even Grey liked it. (He didn't mind modeling it for me too much. - Isn't he handsome??) I increased the gauge just a bit since my husband has a large head and I wanted a fairly loose fit because the wool was a tiny bit itchy. Not too itchy at all, but loose was more comfortable. I also skipped the crocheted edge, because I liked the way it was without the finish, and it was already plenty big enough.

The wool was from Daphne, a Shetland/Icelandic/CVM mix belonging to friends who generously gave me a large batch of different varieties of wool that I could practice spinning on. Daphne was my second attempt at spinning. Since I am such a novice, it was quite uneven and I plied it into a bulky yarn that spoke "rustic hat" to me. It was a lot of fun taking this hat through the stages beginning with a wool batt, spinning it, plying it, then knitting it.

"Timberbeast" in the name refers to my dear husband who describes himself as such.


  1. Ooo I like it. If you wanted to make me one, (love the "rustic hat" look of the yarn), you should definitely feel free to!

  2. I am so impressed--you spun your own yarn?!? It looks great. My daughter loves to knit and I'm thinking about starting an easy project one of these days.