Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Many-Colored Coat

The Cutie-Pies did a life-sized (Isaac-sized) coloring of Joseph and his coat today as part of their History studies. We read about the beginning of the Jewish people this week, just some basics from Abram to Joseph. Isaac enjoys hearing his name mentioned in this context, but I suspect he's just a tiny bit confused, knowing he has a story from a life before he came to us. I need to remember to continue to clarify that this was a different Isaac. Especially when we dig in deeper and get to the story of Abraham's almost-sacrifice of his son....

School is moving along very well this year. We made a working thermometer with a bottle and a straw for Science today, worked more with maps and directions, and are plowing through Language Arts and Math. We had some really good Art and Music lessons today as well.

Tomorrow we have our first homeschool field trip to the Minnesota zoo. We will be classifying vertebrates, so we will keep a log of what we see and get pictures so we can make a poster/chart when we get home.

We are all excited for the trip. Daddy will be sleeping in the car on the way down, since he will have only had about 2 hours of sleep when we leave - that, after a 72-hour work week. I don't know how he manages. I would be just a tad bit grumpy, I'm quite sure.

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  1. Love the Joseph drawing! What a great idea. (I have a Noah, so the kids all always go crazy when we read about Noah from the Bible. LOL)

    Hope your field trip is great! Sounds like a lot of fun.