Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring planting

The garden is getting prepped and ready for planting. 16,000 square feet here in the main garden. We neglected to plant our cover crop in most of the garden late last summer so we'll be fighting a lot of weeds this year. We have the garden divided in half with a walkway down the middle to facilitate rotation and to have a "field crop" on the opposing side every year. Things to grow there are flint corn, sweet corn, field peas, sorghum, grains, etc.
This summer though, it will be successive plantings of buckwheat to choke out weeds and improve the soil. That's a row of roses on the left that have to be moved to the front of the house. Lots of plans, but the laborers are few.  
Speaking of laborers, the chickens are assisting in scratching out weeds around the rhubarb. The raspberries behind them are slowly coming to life.
We planted five more apple trees, another grape, and an apricot tree this weekend. It was a perfectly beautiful spring weekend.

I also repotted all the pepper seedlings into larger pots. I'm not quite ready to trust the weather to plant them outside covered yet.
I'm running out of room by the window. Looking forward to a greenhouse next year. It's coming along!

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