Friday, October 7, 2011

What Have We Been Up To?

Loosing teeth... The tooth fairy keeps forgetting to visit. The kids understand that she is forgetful about teeth but always makes it up to them by increasing the compensation to make up for her neglect. In fact, Ellie was overheard counseling Isaac that if he did not remind mother, he'd make out better financially. What a racket!

We studied the bubonic plague this week. Ellie particularly enjoyed playing the part of a rat with fleas.

I have been doing a little knitting for some sweet new babies...

My garden went in rather late this year but we managed to haul in a whole bunch of tomatoes before the first frost. They have been busy ripening, spread out in the basement.

 Some major canning going on. This is the spaghetti sauce on the wood stove. That has gone beautifully, but I am wishing I was done at this point... 34 quarts done, 14 left to go. Then there will be some stewed tomatoes to can and a bunch of pumpkin. Most of the pumpkins (And we have dozens!) will store in the basement for most of the winter, but it will be handy to have some already cooked and canned. I suspect Tom may be expecting some pumpkin treats...  If any friends nearby want some pumpkins, even LOTS of pumpkins, stop by and get some! ...please....

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  1. So fun to see Mom! The sweater is gorgeous- I know she'll love it. And I love the look on the kids faces with the bounty. So hilarious! Love you all!!