Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Settled In

We finished the installation of our wood cookstove and I cooked my first meal on it this winter. I browned pork steaks on the stovetop and finished them in the oven along with potatoes and carrots using a dutch oven. It was easy and went very well. I am not convinced bread will be so easy, but it helps that the oven has a thermometer so I don't have to go by "feel". We're very pleased with our new stove.

Leaving our dining room and going into Mom's apartment we pass through a short hall. There is a large closet on the left that holds some pantry items and school books and supplies. This area used to be a bedroom.

Here's Mom's living area. She's all moved in. We have not completed some details like shades and her divider curtain, but it's already quite comfortable and I think it feels like home.

Here is the view looking back towards our part of the house. She has her entry and kitchenette here. I think it's working out very well. It's a lovely, comfortable space.

Here's Mom in her usual spot saying "Hi". I am so happy how this all worked out. I am very glad that Mom has a home with us. What a good thing it is.

Mom's dog Dazzle is also very content. She has Joey to keep her sociable and the kids to keep her hoppin'.

I thought you might enjoying seeing how things turned out.


  1. How wonderful! I always wondered how a wood cook stove would actually work and it sounds like its doing great!
    So glad you mom is all settled in. : ) Her space looks lovey, y'all did a great job!


  2. Glad you posted this! I like showing people!! :)

  3. Wow! It's so fun to see pictures. Everything turned out great! I love the wood floors and the paint colors and... the tile behind your new stove! Beautiful. :)

  4. So lovely! I will have to post some photos of Mom's room. It has been such a good decision for all of us.
    I am really curious about the wood cookstove. Could you send me a link to info about it?

  5. I just found your blog. I'm a fellow Minnesotan and pleased to meet you. Hope to read more of your adventures.