Monday, January 11, 2010


Okay, so I know the subject of knitting may be boring to non-knitters. I'm sorry, I can't help it. It's a minor passion.

Knitting fills some of my gaps.

I like meticulous perfection. My home with two small children and two men is far from perfect, so little spots of perfection are so satisfying.

I like art and need to indulge my creative impulses occasionally. The creation of yarn and the application of it in pattern and process works for me. There are so many areas and variables to tweak. Pattern. Yarn. Color. Fiber. Technique.

Speaking of technique, I like working on technique. I enjoy finding a better way to do something. I like to streamline a process for efficiency and effect.

I like wool. I like how it's efficient at keeping me warm by wicking and retaining heat so much better than manufactured fibers. I like that it comes from sweet sheep. I like how it feels and the great variety of textures there are.

I like doing something useful that my mother, my grandmothers, and generations of ancesters have done. It connects me with them.

I like the community of modern knitters I see in blogs, on Ravelry, in gatherings of like-minded people. I like their knitting humor. This one's been around awhile, but I've been singing it around the house again lately. It's great.

My family thinks I'm weird.


  1. oh. my.
    Haha I love you mom. And yes, we think you're weird. :)

  2. Love it! Sam walked by as this was playing and I was cracking up--took a look at what I was watching, shook his head and kept walking. Obviously he has an underdeveloped appreciation for knitting humor.
    It was a great day for me today: daughter Addie sent me a beautiful pair of knitted handwarmers an my niece Molly crocheted me a cute green bucket hat. I feel so loved and warm!

  3. I may hang up my knitting needles after seeing that video! The sad thing is, I could relate to this video. I have a pile of scarves I've knitted not intended for anyone...and I'm guessing no one would want them either.
    Too cute!