Friday, April 10, 2009

Shopping day - Good Friday

Did some painting in the kitchen today and then headed out with the little ones for grocery shopping. Skipped the usual bargain hunting portion of the trip since the kids were along. Missed it. We were all getting a bit crabby by the time we made it home. Ellie was a trooper though, and helped carry in groceries. Both kids are always so good in the stores. They do ask for things but accept a "no" answer very well.

Anticipating Jessica's first wedding shower tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting her future in-laws and extended family. Wish they were closer, but am grateful they are still within the same state!

Spending the evening doing some weekly housecleaning. There won't be any other time for Easter preparation.

The kids and I talked on the way home about Christ's death on the cross. I told them it happened at 3:00 in the afternoon, the sky turned dark, and the earth shook. I told them about how graves of people who loved God opened and they came back to life! I never realized that until I was reading the account about 10 years ago.

We talked (as we often do) about how heaven will be. - And the new earth - And our new bodies that will not get sick or die. We talked about who will be there, and how much we will enjoy each other's company forever and ever. We have so much to look forward to!

Off now to sweep the kitchen floor and get the kids in the tub. Little sweethearts.

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