Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Thought it would be fun to try a blog. Have never been one to keep a journal but thought this might be a start. I'm not really intending this for public consumption, but more for myself and perhaps for some close relatives, depending on how it goes.

I am busy lately preparing for the wedding of my oldest, and thinking about preparing for pre-schooling my youngest. I've been listening to RC Sproul's lecture series on my iPod when I get the chance. I have some audio books and other podcasts I'm trying to get to as well. Gutenberg ( http://www.gutenberg.org/ ) has some wonderful books for download but I need a better reading method than my laptop. I find that after a lifetime of voracious reading that I am allergic to books and newsprint. I can still read them, but very carefully. Electronic media suits my purposes, and just in time!!

Life has been a wonderful journey.

I find it difficult to discipline myself, but get carried away easily with projects. A family trait, I guess. I'm typing this instead of working. :) I always prefer to stay home and get lost in my thoughts. Maybe I'll write some of them down. Maybe this is self-indulgent. After all, who cares to read what I think? Well, guess I do, so this record may be just for me. That's good enough.

Signing off to go attend a "Kid's Party" in the family room - sweetly invited by little Ellie.

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