Monday, April 13, 2009


I know it gets a bit cluttery sometimes, but I love ceramics and glass. I have been collecting all kinds of pots, mostly in shades of green, ivory, and aqua for many years now. I have a lot of green, clear, and white glass as well.

Makes me happy. Feels like home.

I'm working on getting "Isaac's Tapestry" ready for framing. I bought it in a Guatemalan gift shop as a keepsake for Isaac. It's a beautiful embroidered work of art. There was a lot of embroidery for the tourist market in Guatemala, and this was the only one I saw that was carefully made like this. The woman at the shop said it was considered "antique" since it pre-dated the tourist market, which would have begun in the seventies or early eighties. Not really an antique, unless I'm also one. :)

A lovely work. I am excited to complete the framing and hang it. (It's only been 3 1/2 years!!)

As I mentioned previously, I am also doing some painting. The room kind, not the art kind.
Here's the living room, a blue with a hint of green, along with my green curtains, brown furniture, and the flowers for Sissy's wedding reception.

Painting the kitchen and dining room also. "Village Tan" on most walls. Will be a recycled glass green under the cupboards. The ceramic chickens on top of the cupboard were my mom's when she was young. The green depression glass cookie jar came from the estate of my great-grandparents.

Yesterday was Easter. We ordered a lily for the services in honor of Alf Nelson, Tom's dad. He's been gone now just about 12 years. Looking forward to seeing him again someday.

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